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Monthly Archives: July 2011

danielle and greg

Imagine planning your ultimate outdoor wedding ceremony, all the tiny details in place, months of preparing and envisioning just how it’s all going to look and feel, and then, dark, thunderous, threatening clouds appear on the horizon…  That’s exactly what happened on Danielle and Greg’s wedding day ~ not just the typical afternoon sprinkle or...

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jaime and kyle

Wendy and I are always talking about how much fun it is to see how unique and special each and every wedding becomes.  Even when we shoot at a familiar venue, there are still so many differences as the bride (and groom’s) personalities come out in all the details!  Jaime and Kyle’s gorgeous wedding in...

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grace ann and tyler

Frank and I loved having Grace Ann and Tyler come up to Big Canoe recently for their engagement session!  We’ve known Grace Ann and her family for many, many, years and feel like we’ve known Tyler for ages too ~ They both have the cutest smiles (especially when they look at each other) ~ hmm…it...

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christina and frank

We are smack-dab in the busiest time of the wedding season and are hoping to squeeze in a few posts of our recent engagement sessions very soon (we have some of the cutest couples for you to meet…)  BUT, we can’t resist blogging about our WEDDINGS!  Especially when we have the greatest couples in the...

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rebekah and hunter

“I have found the one my heart loves.”    Song of Songs 3:4

Every wedding is so very special ~ months and months of planning and preparation have gone into making everything just perfect.  And, then the big day finally arrives and the reality of it all finally starts to sink in ~ wow, we’re getting married...

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